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What should I wear?

We recommend that horseback riders come outfitted with long pants, closed toe shoes or boots with 1/2 inch heel or less, sunscreen, bug repellent, and a t shirt or tank top during the summer months. During the winter months we recommend that horseback riders come outfitted with long pants, long sleeve shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, and closed toe shoes or boots with 1/2 inch heel or less. These are just our recommendations and are not required garments to ride.

What should I expect?

This is a guided horseback riding experience catering to first time, beginner riders. This is a walk only trail ride accommodating our hard working equine friends and beginner riders who would like to experience a trail ride instead of the autonomy of an arena setting. We want to give each individual a great overall feel for horsemanship while enjoying the relaxing scenic views of the North Georgia Mountains. While our horses are expertly trained, the rider will be challenged to interact with the horse through a valley ride that puts the reins in your hands.

How do I make a reservation for your one hour horseback riding experience?

You can make a reservation by phone by calling 706 878 7000. We will need your last name, the number of people in your party, and a call back number to reach you. Keep in mind when calling to make a reservation, try to call at least 24 hours in advance and have the day and time that you would like to go picked out. Most reservations made a day in advance will allow you to go out on the time you have your heart set on. Reservations are recommended and guarantee you a spot for the day but we do try to accommodate last minute walk ins if we have the availability. If we have to reschedule you due to inclement weather or for any other circumstance we will work with you diligently until we come up with a solution. We are very good at working with folks to get them rescheduled when and if necessary. 

What is your inclement weather policy?

Luckily, we are able to ride all through the year in the North Georgia Mountains. In any event that the weather would make riding conditions unsafe, we will cancel the reservation at no cost to the rider. If it drizzles, we ride. If it's hot, we ride. If it's cold, we ride. If it flurries, we ride. RIDE ON! YEE HAW!

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