The majority of our trail horses are quarter horses. We picked the quarter horse breed because of it's known versatility in western trail riding along with their trusting disposition. The quarter horse's calm, steady, and gentle demeanor makes them the ideal horse for beginner riders.

Our Horses

Our trail riding horses get to spend their entire lives on our farm. They are all trained on the property, work on the property, and eventually retire on the property. They are a part of the family to us and are treated as such. This kind of lifestyle helps ensure the environment in which the horses are raised and therefore helps with predictability of the manner in which they behave. The calmer the surroundings in which an animal has been raised, the calmer it's interaction with humans. 

"Life is too short,

Ride your BEST horse first!"

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House Bill Warning #292: Under Georgia law, an equine professional or an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities due to the inherent risk of equine activities. O.C.G.A. s4-12-4.